3 Abstracts Selected from BEST Lab for Orthopedic Research Society Conference

Three abstracts from the BEST Lab were selected to be presented at the Orthopedic Research Society Annual Conference in New Orlease, Louisiana. The abstracts included Evaluation of A Nanoemulsion Synthesis Technique on Nano-Carbonated Hydroxyapatite and Control of Nanosphere Size, Hydroxyapatite Nanorods and Nanowires Enhance Osteoblastic Differentiation in Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Coatings, and Single Limb Immobilization Model for Bone Loss from Unloading and were written by Otto Juhl, Saahil Sannon, and Dr. Michael Friedman respectively.

BEST Lab Welcomes New Members

The BEST Lab recently welcomed five new students to the lab interested in pursing musculoskeletal research. Camilla Meroni, a visiting Ph.D student from Italy, and undergraduates: Preston Lofgran, Katherine Kloecker, Ushna Arora, and Nikki Yadav.

Christopher Brunkhorst awarded the Amgen Scholarship

Christopher Brunkhorst a BME undergraduate was awarded the Amgen Scholarship. Through this scholarship Chris will conduct research in the fields of biomaterials and bioelectronics over 9 weeks at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.