Congratulations to Chris Brunkhorst!

The BEST Lab would like to congratulate Chris Brunkhorst on his acceptance to officially attend Cornell University in pursuit of his doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering beginning in the Fall of 2019. Chris has worked in the BEST Lab for the past 3 years, exceeding our expectations and growing into an exceptional independent researcher in his own right. Chris has contributed to many aspects of the BEST Lab including taking on a leadership role in numerous projects examining how oscillating fluid flow affects osteocyte response in vitro. Chris' interest and passion coupled with an inquisitive demeanor that he brought to [...]

BEST Lab’s Research to be Advanced by ISS

The BEST Lab was chosen to have one of our experiments sponsored aboard the International Space Station. Utilizing the ISS we are able to further our research and investigation into the effects of microgravity on bone and muscle. To read more click here.

Michael Friedman wins NASA Fellowship

Michael Friedman, Ph.D of the BEST Lab at VCU was awarded the Translational Research Institute for Space Health Postdoctoral Fellowship. He will study genetic variability in microgravity induced bone and muscle loss over the next 2 years. This highly competitive fellowship allows Michael to further purse his career research interests in musculoskeletal variation and development.

BMES National Conference

The BEST Lab at VCU is happy to announce it will be sending 9 members of the lab to the Biomedical Engineering Society National conference in Atlanta, Georgia on October 17-20th 2018. Camilla Reina will also be giving a presentation on "Immobilization by Casting Causes Muscle Atrophy in Different Strains of Mice".

New Members to BEST Lab

The BEST Lab at VCU welcomes Rachel Denapoli, a Ph.D graduate student in biomedical engineering, and Anna-Blessing Merife, a junior chemical engineering student at VCU.

3 Minute Thesis Award Winner

Otto Juhl, a graduate student in the BEST Lab, won first place in VCU's College of Engineering 3 Minute Thesis competition with his thesis on "Artificial Bone to Facilitate Healing". 3 Minute Thesis is a world wide competition that is preformed at numerous universities across the globe.